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Hi, from a big fan!

Hi Lindy I know u don't know me. But I saw You tonight outside Charis seafood at Labrador walking with Dallas.

Ed's Note

Hi Lindy,
I just read your from the editor, section and thought I would email you and let you know I loved it.

Message from Chanelle Carroll

My name is Chanelle. I met you at the Fitness expo in Sydney.

Big thanks from Monika

Hey lindy how are you? 
Firstly, a big thank you to you for everything you have done and are doing for me.

Thank you from Joanna

Hi Lindy,

Just wanted to say thank you because you're like a ray of sunshine

Inspiration from Bec

Hi Lindy,
No doubt you get a number of emails everyday, and probably not nearly enough time to read and respond to them all

So great to meet you!

hi lindy (or lindys team!!), my name is grace and i met lindy at the fitness expo in melbourne on sat just gone


  1. Re: Loretta Mostofi

    Thanks so much for your post Carly, is lovely to have met you all. :)

    --Lindy Olsen

  2. Re: Loretta Mostofi

    I was intrigued by Loretta's endorsement of Lindy on Facebook. Upon further exploration I found that...


  3. Re: Loretta Mostofi

    Loretta's post made my day! She is such a beautiful lady and is a wonderful example of a true champion...

    --Lindy Olsen