Since I have been aware of Lindy Olsen's personal achievements, I have enthusiastically been following her career and her training program.

I am involved in the fitness industry too but could not perfect my body shape to look like Lindy.

It became a frustrating journey until one day we connected through Facebook, and then being the amazing person Lindy is, she took time out of her busy life to meet me face to face, and I was privileged to have a consultation with her. She guided me and advised me on nutrition and the importance of correct clean eating. It is great to eat healthy and clean food but the trick was how to combine these foods and how often,  and how much of each food group was required to suit your lifestyle and exercise daily.

It sounded overwhelming but once she made me understand, I was off and running. Lindy has a unique way of making you understand the importance of nutrition and weight training. She has also struggled with her body shape which makes her even more in tune with people who are working very hard towards their goals.

Its only early days for me, but in only 14 days my body has begun to transform. Lindy's advice has been potent and powerful and I am finally seeing results.

Thanks Girl!! You are an inspiration, encouraging and uplifting. Your amazing influence has and will be a positive example to us all!!!

Love you heaps!
Kay Pappas