hi lindy (or lindys team!!), my name is grace and i met lindy at the fitness expo in melbourne on sat just gone. my partner and i were in melbourne for the grand prix and i heard about the expo and thought if we had time we'd check it out as i knew oxygen would have something there and im obsessed with the magazine. i spotted the oxygen stand and made my way over to have a look. ooooh mmyy gooood.... i recongnised lindy. i suddenly lost my voice and jus grabbed my parnters hand and said oh dont worry and pulled us back! i told my partner how amazing lindy is and how i couldnt think of the right thing to say to her so i couldnt go up there! we actually started to leave as i felt so embarrrased! He asured me id regret not saying hello. sure enough i found my balls and approached lindy. thankyou lindy you let me have a photo with you and you made my weekend! if what i said to you didnt come out quite how id probably hoped then just know now that lindy i find you so beautiful and inspiring! you have a fantastic figure and i love that you are still girly yet so gorgeously fit! lindy thankyou for being so kind ! you squeezed me in a hug and i think i got tears :) lindy thanks for being the down to earth bubbly woman that you are! i only landed in adelaide today and i have already gone out and bought a frame to frame the card you signed for me. its next to me bed so that i can read the inspirational message as i wake up to my 5:15am alarm i dread when i get up for the gym ! i know its going to motivate me! grace morton, aldinga beach. sa