Hey Lindy

Great to see you on the weekend and thank you SO much for taking time out for me - so happy!! Mark was wrapped about getting to meet you and hearing what to expect and how to deal with it. It's great as he is strongly considering entering into the September ANB Vic's in Under 70kg. Mate, I gotta say - you are a breath of fresh air coz you tell it, say it, mean it how it is and there is no bullsh*t, bush bashing or awkwardness. Mark did notice I get a bit shy around you and I said I am like that with Aaron too, I look at you guys as my mentors / coaches so every piece of information I extract from you I bank it because it's vital. Until one day I will be where you are, mentoring people that are in the same position that "I used to be when I was starting out" - circle of life or is this like the bodybuilding food chain?? :)

So anyways... I am THAT excited now, 9 weeks out - I wanna make sure that I am doing everything right in terms of adding things in and cutting things out of my diet.

Appreciate all your help :D xxx