Workshop # 1 with Laura:

Hi Lindy,

Down to earth, honest, positive, motivating and intelligent are the words that come to mind after meeting you today.
I'm so blessed..... Very much looking forward to seeing you again and feeling that energy we have when we chat.... your a star....  don't stop smiling :)) xx



Workshop # 2 with Laura:

Dear Lindy,

Hope you’re feeling better after your jetlag!
I was really sad I didn’t get to say goodbye after the workshop on Saturday. I’m sure Lauren passed on my message to say bye

Thank you very much to your amazing team of people for putting in all the hard work for such an informative & motivating day.
I’ve come away from the experience feeling better prepared for this big year ahead.

It was such a pleasure listening to Monika & Julianne share their amazing journey.
Their strength & honesty moved me. It was something I and everyone else in that room could relate to.
It was a blessing to be part of that.
Lindy if there is ever anything I can do to assist you with, I would like to put my hand up! Anything at all…
I just love being around people in the industry and those who want to make a start in a different direction.

Lastly I’d like to ask for your fabulous makeup artists details. She’s fantastic!
I’ll also contact Lauren to organise a photo shoot at the studio with Dallas.

Thank you for being such an inspiring role model in the industry.
I hope to be just like you some day.