Dear Lindy,
As Monica Coorey would say "Oh My God!!!" Thank you SO much for an absolutely INCREDIBLE day on Saturday!
The workshop was beyond excellent, I enjoyed every minute of it and am still on a high. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and sharing your expertise and experiences with us. I appreciated your openness and honesty about the potential highs and the lows of the industry, it was a fantastic no 'BS' introduction to the great times and the challenges ahead. As someone who is just starting on her adventure into this industry I found the information invaluable and the day just beyond incredible.
It was wonderful to not only to hear from yourself and Jo about the expectations and your experiences but it was just beyond phenomenal to be able to participate in the walking workshop (Amazing - who knew the placement of an elbow or a hip could change your body so much?) the seminar with yourself (So informative - bye,bye sugars and carbs together for breakfast) and the photo shoot with Dallas (Amazing fun and a great confidence booster!) I also found it so wonderful to hear from the former cover girls and marvellous to meet other girls who have similar goals. I made some new friends and I look forward to keeping in touch and supporting them.
They say things come into your life when you are ready. I made the decision a year ago to start laying the foundation for MY best life, I started to exercise, eat well become a more positive person and set challenges and goals for myself. I discovered Oxygen magazine and it blew me away to find a magazine that seemed like it was written for me. I love the message of encouraging girls to live THEIR best life not someone else's. The girls within the pages were REAL girls who achieved REAL results with hard work and dedication (not some random impossible diet which makes no sense). I found the honesty and the positivity so refreshing, a publication that showcased real women and embraced and celebrated them (not nitpicking, bitching or panicking over a body part.) It's a magazine that should be mandatory for young women. Thank you for a publication that is so uplifting!
It was so wonderful to finally meet you on Saturday. Thank you for being an exceptional role model for women; your passion, your conviction to stand by your values and beliefs at all costs, your promotion of the wonders of an active healthy lifestyle and your generosity of spirit in helping others achieve their goals is both special and rare, so thank you. Thank you for sharing your story and walking the talk and just being 'You'. I hope one day I can also spread that message and empower young women, just as your empowered and inspired an entire room full on Saturday.
Thank you to you yourself, Jo, Dallas, Lauren, Monika, Julienne, Sam and Stace for working together to provide a spectacular day. It was THE perfect introduction to the industry and I haven't been able to stop smiling (which is a pretty amazing problem to have :)
Thank you for living YOUR best life and in turn encouraging others to do the same.
Have a wonderful week,

lindy olsen, fitness model