lindy olsen, fitness modelHi Lindy,
No doubt you get a number of emails everyday, and probably not nearly enough time to read and respond to them all, however, I wanted to write and say how lovely it was to meet you at the expo on the weekend. As soon as I arrived I made a bee-line straight to the Oxygen stand to meet you and get a picture - made my day!
Secondly, I just read your post you put on Facebook, and the picture of yourself free of make up. I just wanted to thankyou for such a brave and fantastic post that it was. These days so many celebrities shy away from the public seeing the 'real' them, however I found it so inspirational of you to prove to us all that you are a truly admiral person, whos focus is really on helping people, not the materialistic celebrity status. I already admired you tremendously, but that really showed your inner beauty and genuine personality. Thankyou so much, we so need many more people like you in the world.
I hope you enjoyed the rest of the expo and I get the opportunity to meet you again in the future,
With thanks,
Bec Kurtz

Follow up from Bec:

Good afternoon Lindy and Lauren,
Wow, now I am completely blown away. I was already completely thrilled this morning to have received a response from Lindy, and now I am over the moon to think that you want to put my message on the web, which of course you can, and I will attach the photo. You have not only made my day, but more so my week or month! Thankyou so much.
Lindy, Thankyou so much for your heartfelt response. I am always constantly inspired by the articles you write and the posts you put on fb. It is my objective in life to also try and be an inspiration to others, perhaps not on the scale you are, but I will be very content with myself, if throughout my career, I can make a difference to peoples lives. Not only just physically, as a personal trainer, but also emotionally, socially and mentally. Currently I am in the process of trying to expand my knowledge in as many fields as possible, in order to help people on a number of levels. I have my degree, and cert 3 and 4, I am in the process of completing my Precision Nutrition certification, and have also just completed some Impact marketing training. However, I would like to also look into wellness/emotional/psychological side of peoples health, as this is where most of the boundaries tend to lie, or so I find anyway. If you could suggest any training that would assist with this, or to help inspire others, I would greatly appreciate it.
So, thankyou so much Lindy, I am generally not a great follower of celebrities, fashion etc, but, I just find that what you write, say and the way you conduct yourself, is the type of person I am striving to be. I just want to make a positive difference to the world, and I find this industry is a great way to go about it. It is so beneficial and impacts on so many levels of human life and behaviour.
I really hope one day, I may get to meet you again, and I will continue following  your fantastic advice and outgoing look on life.
With so much thanks,
Bec Kurtz