Dear Lindy,

Just a quick email to thank you personally for running such an inspirational and informative TOP workshop on Saturday. I had an absolute ball and am still walking around with a big bounce in my step! People at work are looking at me like I’m a goose because I’ve had this smile from ear to ear for the past two days!

One a more serious note though, I just want to say that the impact you have on girls all around Australia is absolutely incredible. 

It’s hard to explain in an email  just how much both you as a person and the Oxygen magazine as a whole have helped me (any many others) shape the person I am today. Over the past few years I have I have been educated, motivated, inspired and also felt supported through the articles and girls published in Oxygen Magazine. As an example, articles such as,  the “Post- Comp Blues”  have helped me see light through the times when things have felt over-bearing and all too much. Even though you may have your parents tell you that you are not alone when you are really feeling the effects of the roller coaster “up’s and downs” it’s not until you actually read of girls just like you experiencing the exact same thing that you really realise you are not ”abnormal” and that everyone goes through the same thing at some point in their life. Through your articles, magazine and workshops you are helping to inspire so many people from young girls right through to Mum’s and older women.

You really are the definition of a true role model Lindy! Your love for life shines through everything you do!

Thank you again for a wonderful day on Saturday  and I look forward to meeting you again sometime soon!

Best Wishes,