Hi Lindy, just wanted to say thanks for a great workshop Saturday and was great to meet you and the team. I have booked a session with Greg, cant wait to see how that goes!

I came to a realisation last night as I hardly slept due to all my joint pains that I'm only 29, how is my body going to cope when im 60 if it's already falling apart?!

I also realised if I dont compete by October I'll never have the chance to compete as an under 30yr old. I need to get moving lol!

Learning about the all natural federation also was an eye opener as I never realised there was so many "drugs" or whatever involved with the other federations.

Your background story really hit home with me on so many levels and it was great to discover that the people who acheive great things in their life are not some kind of perfect magical being, but real people with real lives and real issues just like me.

I guess I hadn't really beleived that before.

I'd love to hear any more advice you can give on my training and nutrition or reccomend some people I can link in with to help me after I've finished Jamie Easons program.

Look forward to keeping you posted on my progress hope to her from you soon :-)

Sarah xx