Hi Lindy!
I just wanted to drop you an email to say Thank You to Oxygen Magazine and to yourself. I just received a text from a girlfriend saying she saw me in the latest Oxygen Mag and I was absolutely gob smacked! Funny thing is - I have had the magazine since it was dropped in my letter box earlier in the month.... I just hadn't gotten to that page yet as I savour each and every article to last me until my next letterbox drop of Oxygen mag.
So..... For the last half an hour I have been sitting here teary and absolutely beyond excited to see myself in your awesome magazine!!
I came to a ANB seminar earlier this year with you and got more from it than I could have ever wished for.... I carry the work book you handed out (with all my notes scribbled all over it from the day) with me everywhere.... Should possibly laminate it as its getting a little smashed!
I am only really new to the whole competition world and was hoping to compete in May this year but ended up sick and then had an operation which has taken a little longer to recover from than what I thought.... BUT I am focused on maybe September to have a go at Figure.
My first comp was last September and it only came about as I had been training and trying to figure out diet for the photo shoot I did to enter the Oxygen Mag Cover Girl Comp. The photo shoot was the first time I had ever done anything like that so it was super exciting. I saw the advertisement for the ANB comp in Oxygen Mag for September 2011 so for 2 weeks I tried to get comp ready..... Seriously had NO idea!
I rocked up on the day by myself...absolutely clueless of what I was doing... I trained until the day before, didn't know what the whole water thing was about - drank 1lt during the comp day, stage bikini was a dodgy swim suit and my sports wear round was training gear from the night before? Oh and I didn't even tan! haha. I ended up going up to a golden glamour and simply said "Um.... Can you be my friend? I don't know what I am doing here." I was officially adopted by a couple of girls that tanned, prepared and helped me through the day. They thought it was hilarious and we laughed so much during through the whole show. I was so incredibly nervous walking out on that stage and was amazed and dazed by the whole experience.... From there I decided I had better find out more about the competition world so the next time I could feel a little more confident stepping out on that stage!
So from there I have learnt a whole heap more about the whole competition world and YOU and Oxygen Mag have more than helped with the process.
I still have loads to learn and do but I absolutely love the fact that the fitness and wellness journey never stops.
The last few years have been huge for me.... About 6 years ago I woke up and realised I was unhappy, unwell, unfit and overweight... I wasn't living the life I wanted so I finally got the courage to completely turned my life upside down. I walked away from a unhealthy marriage and life and decided to chase some dreams.
6 years on I am a completely different person.... It was about 4 years ago that things started to really change... I stumbled across the man of my dreams (cliche I know) and he was someone that inspired me and gave me the confidence and courage to want / demand more from life... He helped me realise I could be anything I wanted to be. I started training and eating to fuel my body and I have never looked back. My body, skin, hair, nails and soul started to show a difference but the way I FELT was the biggest difference for me.
I am no longer someone that walks around in a sugar coma and no longer do I need to drag myself out of bed. I get so excited about the whole fitness and wellness thing - It is such a passion and I get so moved listening to other peoples story and seeing other people start their own wellness journey. I just wish more people could see how good it feels to be fit, healthy and strong.... I am trying to convert everyone I know!! ha.
I am still with the amazing man and we share a life of training, fabulous food, laughs and love. It has been tough as we both re-found ourselves after big life changing events but I wouldn't change it for the world. I live by the motto of Resist the Urge to Be Average and tonight after seeing the photo in the current Oxygen magazine it has stopped me in my tracks to show me how far I have come.... So, thank you. Once again Oxygen magazine has helped inspire me to train harder and go after my next goal.
Lindy, I know you probably get a huge number of emails and have so much stuff to do... but, if by chance you have been able to get the time to read this email I just want you to know - You may not know me, but you have been a part of my life and without you even knowing... You have helped me.. be the new me.
Your own story has inspired me and so many people I know. Your passion and your desire to help and educate all us average girls is more than amazing. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you and your team at Oxygen.
I am hoping to get up to Queensland later in the year to have a session with you and a photo shoot with your hubby (all in time for the Oxygen Cover Girl Comp!) so if it all pans out I hope to get the chance to say all this in person. You are an amazing woman and you do all us gals proud!
I have attached a couple of photos from about 10weeks ago prepping for comp - done with your diet and advice from the seminar.... Just thought you may want to see what your education has done!!
Thank you so very much.