Hi Lindy!!
You probably won't remember me, we met at the Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo on Saturday Oct 20th; I just want to thank you for the time you spent chatting with me. You truly have inspired me!!  After sharing a small part of my story with you, you gave me a goal to work on...to get in your photo studio by march and to get on the cover of the next Fatloss mag. You requested my story with before and after photos.  I am tweaking my story which I will be sending to you shortly; along with photos. 
I will tell you, I almost didn't go to the Expo.  Why?  I was feeling somewhat demotivated.  I am Soooooo glad I went!!  You, Lindy Olsen, giving me that goal was PERFECT!!!  Your timing?  Impeccable!!  It couldn't have come at a better time. I am such a goal oriented person and I needed a goal to focus on.  I AM going to work hard to get on that cover!!  You were so positive and convinced telling me that I CAN do this.  I am going to put my trust in you and focus on that goal.  I am really excited about this!!
I have already tweaked my diet to get myself ready for the photoshoot.
Sometimes I wonder, at 46 years old (almost 47) why would I do this? and CAN I do this!? I have been working on a long range goal of eventually getting on the INBA stage!!  I have even had a couple sessions with Jo Rogers, bought a bikini (through Jo) then I got a shoulder injury and have had a tough time getting back into it.  I honestly think that I fear losing or I fear succeeding...i'm not sure which.
Thank you Lindy!!  You and your magasine have been such an inspiration for me since I found health and fitness in 2008.
I hope that I am writing to the correct email address....