Hi Lindy I know u don't know me. But I saw You tonight outside Charis seafood at Labrador walking with Dallas.
I've been on holiday down from Brisbane for the past week and I've had the best ever time just with me, my mum, older sister and 5 yo nephew.
It was honestly the best holiday ever!!!
I'm a Huge fan....!
I don't think u saw me but I was so stoked I saw u...! It just topped off the best holiday!
I was like "mum oh my gosh do u know who that is???"
She has no clue lol.
But she was happy it made me happy. : )
I love oxygen magazine and I'm so glad ur editor you do the best Job.
I love keeping fit and healthy and even though I have no passion to compete I love your magazine and it inspires me to be the Best Ali I can be.
Sorry for the msg, I was just so happy I saw u.
I feel like a school girl! Lol
Anyway have a nice night.
Kindest regards
Ali : )