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So great to meet you!

hi lindy (or lindys team!!), my name is grace and i met lindy at the fitness expo in melbourne on sat just gone

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Pleasure to meet you!

Hi Lindy, l wanted to thank you so much for the time that you gave me today at FitX and also for the advise on my diet.I read Oxygen constantly for motivation and just couldn't believe that you girls were there in person.I was on a buzz all day, thank you so much, l will keep you posed on my progress !!! Poppy.x

Big thanks from Kay Pappas

Since I have been aware of Lindy Olsen's personal achievements, I have enthusiastically been following her career and her training program.

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OMG the 'Fat Loss Special' is your best mag yet!

The 'Fat Loss Special' arrived in the post today!

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Massive thank you from Vicky!


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Thanks from a grateful gal

Lindy xxx I want to thank you for yesterday.. Not just for coaching me through my shoot but for your words of wisdom, experience, encouragement and support..

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Thanks from Michelle Allan

Hi Lindy, I just wanted to say that it was a real pleasure to meet you and have a chat to you at the Nationals.

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You're an inspiration!

Hi Lindy , just wanted to send you a message to let you know I think your a real inspiration, and love what you do

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Thanks from Nicki

Hey babe, just wanted to say a HUGE THANKS for everything that you say to myself and others, especially for "if I need anything just yell.."

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Thanks from Sharon

Hi Lindy, i finally made it to the stage wow what an experience.

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  1. Re: Loretta Mostofi

    Thanks so much for your post Carly, is lovely to have met you all. :)

    --Lindy Olsen

  2. Re: Loretta Mostofi

    I was intrigued by Loretta's endorsement of Lindy on Facebook. Upon further exploration I found that...


  3. Re: Loretta Mostofi

    Loretta's post made my day! She is such a beautiful lady and is a wonderful example of a true champion...

    --Lindy Olsen