Dearest Greg and Lindy,

I just wanted to say thank you! Actually a massive thank you. To both of you.

Greg and Lindy you are both the most inspiring beautiful people that I have ever been fortunate to meet and start to get to know.  I must say that I equally adore Maria McCarter! 

So with that, I would like you to know that you have changed my entire life!! Naturally for the better! 

I have been making some massive changes in my thought processes and what I thought I should being doing versus what I wanted to do.  That leads me to say, I'm doing what I want and I even think I am mastering some balance! I have my eye on the prize.....helping others (in turn makes me happy!) after all I guess it is all about me!! ha ha, no no not really!

Without further babbling on.....I think you are both the greatest, I will always remember what you have both embedded in my head!!! I'm living life, loving it and even loving brocoli!! Oh and no fats and carbs together Lindy!  And a long black Greg! ha ha awesome! I love it! and you guys!!!

Oh, one more thing, Lindy, we all loved following your progress, you are amazing, what a woman! and not to take away from the greatest coach and trainer Greg! a massive congrats to you both!

Ok, I'll go now ;)

Big love!

Marnie    (see you on Saturday, I'll be the one with the big smile!) xxxx