Hey Lindy,
I just wanted to thankyou for yesterday..what a great day at the workshop, and the rest of the team!!!

Its been 8months of letting my emotions over take and binge eat:( (its like I became addicted to food) And when you sheared your story and started talking about your first comp and getting on stage...it took me back to mine, and made me remember that feeling..my god I have never felt so high in my life running off that stage with a trophy! It didn't matter what place it had written on the front of it, I had never had 1 in my life before and the overwhelming feeling of the highest happiness I have even felt to this day!!! And u took me back there yesterday and made me wake and think what the heck have I done to my body (as have put on 12+kg's) long story short I have my motivation back:) and I AM going to do it and will get back up on stage this year. And I guess I just wanted to thank you so so much for trigging that.

Have a great weekend :)

J xxx