Hi Lindy, i finally made it to the stage wow what an experience. I love it. I personally would like to thank you for all you help over the last workshops and you inspire me so much to keep going. I realise now what i have to do for future competitions and lace even better, my goals of course is it to make it to nationals and with Jamie (my hubby/trainer) he has plans with my training and my new sport. Looking forward to your next Get the edge workshops in Sydney, as Vicki will come handy for me. I placed 2nd in Short Figure and 4th in Masters , very happy with the results. The members at the gym are very proud of me, we now have a new key component in the Gym - Bodysculptng/building preparation for comps the workshops will go well in the future here..thanks for all the motivation and tips, and most of all your support..Sharon Hornerxxx