Hi Lauren, Dallas and Lindy, Please pass on this email to all the team.


I SO love the photos, better than I ever thought possible! The quality is SO amazing, WOW on the clarity of zoom. The images are so much clearer than the proofs. I can't believe that is me! That would have to be the best thing I've ever done in my life! I had so much fun too. OH I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!

Thanks Lauren for encouraging me to give it a go when I was about to chicken out and for helping me through all the emails.

A special thanks to Lindy who's inspiring magazine was my motivation for the photo shoot in the first place and for her encouraging words of wisdom which I am already taking on board in regard to improving my diet. Lindy, I felt such a connection with you, we have both travelled the same road and triumphed against the odds, and will continue to. (I know in my heart that I will never go back to that place again!). You are an amazing person, you reach out and touch the world girl! You are making a huge difference in peoples lives, especially mine anyway!

Please also pass on my thanks again to the make up artist who transformed my face then did battle with my hair, and won!

A BIG thanks also to Dallas who's calmness and patience gave me confidence and made me feel so great, who's amazing skills and talent brought out the best in me and especially for taking an extra hour of his time to finish the shoot. You are a star!

What an amazing team, very professional in all regards, well done to all of you!

THANKS SO MUCH, Yours sincerely, Vicky