Naomi GibbinsI was so humbled tonight by a post I read from when we went to the World Titles with the ANB aussie team,  words cannot describe the way the lovely Naomi put her thoughts into words...

Naomi Gibbins - Figure Athlete

Fitness Universe Weekend - Miami Florida

"The most influential positive experience I had was the outstanding support, expertise and true passionate love & kindness from my team organisers and team athletes. With exceptional display I want to thank Lindy Olsen who was truly no less an angel the entire two weeks we travelled and competed. There was no time that Lindy or Dallas were ‘off duty’, they simply couldn’t have been powered by anything less than pure passion and desire for the sport. Every concern or question or requirement was met instantaneously providing so much reassurance and guidance that made an unquestionable difference in my entire experience and most definitely my condition, performance and success. Lindy I can not thank you enough, I truly hope you could feel my gratitude and respect to you, you simply blew me away with your passion, and beauty." 

Big hugs to Naomi and to all the team, they were one of the BEST bunches of people Ive had the pleasure to travel with!  Congrads to you all for your spirit, your support for each other and your unselfishness most of all!