Linda Wilton - Workshop Participant

Thankyou for the Inspiration

Hi Lindy & Dallas, Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for being such a shining example of motivation, inspiration, determination but most of all NORMAL person. I was so awesmacked at how down to earth, genuine and forthright you were in sharing everything with the group yesterday at the ANB workshop at Alive Gym in ACT. So glad Lisa & I made the 3 hour drive to attend. I was already pumped, but surpringsly I am now even more determined and have more conviction for my training...can't wait to complete our rowing marathon in January and then get really stuck into preparing to compete in 2010....look for me -I WILL BE THERE...I'll be the one with the trophy! Karma is a wonderful thing - no wonder you have so much goodness is your life - you give unconditionally....AMAZING! Thanks Again to you both & Maria, Bernie & Karen. Fantastic workshop! :} Woooohoooo!!!