Loretta Mostofi

Loretta Mostofi and Lindy at the Fame Worlds 2010

When I decided to take on the sport of Figure Competition, I had no idea where to begin. So I used the internet to start doing my research. I stumbled across many websites, but it wasn’t until I discovered www.lindyolsen.com that I knew I had found the right place.

For those of you who don’t know Lindy Olsen, she is one inspirational woman. She like many other women out there was overweight and unhappy. There was one difference that seperated this girl from the rest. She had a dream that she would not dismiss. Over her 8 years of competing, she has completely transformed her physique and mental strength and today she is a Professional Natural Figure Champion, to say the least.

I browsed her website in awe of her photos and the information I learnt from her forum was amazing. Slowly I gained the knowledge I needed to start this journey.

Fitness Expo, Sydney 2009 I found out through her forum that she and Jon Davie from Prepared To Win were going to be at the Fitness Expo in Sydney in 2009. I was on a mission to attend the expo and meet both Lindy and Jon, and that is what I did. I spoke to Jon and he agreed to take me under his wings and I searched the expo for Lindy who was busy moving from stand to stand with all her different sponsors. When I finally met her I was star struck and blown away by her honest and down to earth nature.

I haven’t met anyone who gives as much encouragement and support as this girl. Without even knowing me, she offered to drive 3 hours from Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast to train with me on her birthday. WOW! Who does that? Over the year of 2009, despite her busy schedule as the Editor of Australian Oxygen Magazine she was always available for support and advice.

When I had the opportunity to compete with her at the FAME World Championships in Las Vegas this year, my dreams were becoming a reality. Standing up on the world stage beside my role model was overwhelming. This was something I had thought would never be possible. Reflecting back over the year, who would have thought that from sitting at a computer admiring this person that one year later I would have the opportunity to share a world title standing by her side.

2010 FAME World Championships 2010 FAME World Championships 2010 FAME World Championships

I have learnt many things through this journey. You must never accept “status quo” and that moving out of your comfort zone can open many doors. To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

I have now found a lifetime friend in Lindy Olsen. Her passion, dedication, honesty and beauty make her the most influential woman in the Natural Figure Industry in Australia. She has inspired and helped so many people and continues to do so on a daily basis.

Thank you Lindy for sharing all that is uniquely you!