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10 Weeks and Lovin it!!

t's been a big week and it seems as though everything was due all in this one week!  We delivered a major website this week, provided all the production for a new commercial (we are shooting soon) got a new playtoy (for Dallas - who else!!) had an Oxygen Editorial Deadline and on top of all that, got my training, nutrition and cardio all in. 

Fuel yourself EVERY day with new motivation and GO FOR IT!!

Are you lacking motivation, then you've GOT to watch this!

Enjoy! xx

12 Weeks and counting!

After competing so many times, I am starting to get a little nervous at this point.  My body hasn't been playing ball with me lately and my skins have stalled a little. :(  However, i'm not one to give up, so i am just doing everything that i can 100% and that's all i can ask.

Now that i'm not travelling from now until November (when we go to the USA) I'm hoping that my routine will help my body understand who is boss!!! lol...