It's not often that I have an opinion on our industry as I love it and the people in it. 

However, over the past 3 months I have recieved such heart renching stories from way too many people who have been told by various people in the industry that they can get them the "deals of their dreams". 


To all fitness, figure, bikini and fitness models, beware of people who promise the earth and deliver nothing.  DO NOT sign with anyone based on words alone. There MUST be a documented agreement between both parties in place that outlines what you will recieve in return for your endorsement of them or their service BEFORE you start to promote them! This is a MINIMUM for any partnership!!!

Seriously, there are people out there just waiting for you to sign over your images and wear their clothing based on your belief that you will recieve sponsorship and/or financial benefit.  Be sure to check the credentials of anyone who approaches you with any of these "too good to be true" offers!  It will save tears in the long run!! 

I've had a massive amount of wind blown in my direction and I'd hate any more of you to think that being a sponsored athlete means that you can give up your day job and be set for life.  Representing any company is a great privledge however it is a mutually beneficial relationship which is AGREED upon before any promotion starts by either party.

I see so many amazing guys and girls underselling themselves and providing their services for free to companies who are providing nothing in return.  I'm not saying don't do things for free, I'm just saying, be sure that you are recieving a benefit from the relationship and that it's not all based on talk, hot wind and hogwash!  Ask for a marketing plan, ask for how the company will use you and your images and make them committ to it in writing.  If they can't do this, then it's obvious that what they are promising is a load of CRAP!

I remember talking with my agent (this guy looks after athletes who earn in excess of $60million during their contract terms) before I signed with him and he reminded me about the value of a personal endorsement.  This is something that shouldn't be provided unless you truly believe in a product or service and simply being "paid" to do so is not a good reason just so you can get exposure!

Please remember your personal value and always make sure that what you are promised in in WRITING and agreed upon before any promotion or endorsement is provided.

If you are in need of help (yes free help) email me and i'll pass on the details of my agent who can help guide you in the right direction before you sign your life away!

Lastly, BIG HUGS to all you lovely guys and girls out there who truly deserve so much success!

Lindy xx