What are your thoughts on PTs who get fat then cut to show how it is done?


I guess this is one subject i have been on both ends of the scale. I have been both larger than i wanted to be at almost 89kg and then at my last show, where i was in the best shape of my life (for competition) at 62kg (competition lean).

I dont think that someone who has been slim all their life can ever really identify with someone who has not. However, what people can do is show compassion, genunine support and honest advice that can sometimes mean the difference between having someone succeed (or not).

I know how hard it was for me back all those years ago, yo yo'ing up and down between comp weight and what i called my happy fat (in an attempt to try to convince my head that i was going ok). NOT!!

I know now much betterand hence why the 7 rules became something that allowed me to eat what i wanted, but by following the rules 90% of the time I was re-learning how to eat like in a healthy way without depriving myself. I didnt realise at that time, that depriving yourself of ANYTHING means that you only want it more. I learnt the hard way.

Sure... for a comp... for a very limited period of time, I may limit my fruit intake and dairy intake, BUT I NEVER CUT CARBS!! Oohhhhhh, i hear you say.... well that's just it... nutrition done properly, there is no need in my opinion. Plus I am so much happier on the other side of a show!

These days' i follow my 7 rules religiously and guess what... IT WORKS> The freedom with being able to eat what I want when I want (as long as the rules are followed) has been my saviour. No longer do I yoyo between shows, I live life and I love it. I guess what i'm trying to say with all this, is that EVERYONE is different and in order to help someone, we MUST listen to their struggles, their experiences and try to support them by educating them (little by little) about things they could look at doing to really help them get ont heir way to feeling better. Looking better is simply a side effect of feeling GREAT!

Mindset is crucial and it can be the best friend or our worst enemy (if we let it). However...personal growth, being happy and healthy is truly possible with a little persistence if you NEVER give up my dear friends!

Always remember to take good care of you and each other.
Love Lindy xx