There are many "experts" when it comes to cravings, but you need to find out what works for you. I always crave starch and sugar and both these "foods" keep me chunky. To stick to your eating plan can be extremely tough even for the most seasoned competitor, but there are a few guilt free treats I use to help me stay on track.

My absolute all time favourite is an energy drink made by Musashi called SLM. Without Musashi's SLM drink, I would NEVER have been able to stick to my comp diet and acheive the results I did. It was the ONLY thing that satisfied my cravings, that I could rely on without the extra calories and sugar. Musashi SLM is so good, that I was able to drink it right up until the day before the comp (when you are very limited so that you "dry out" for the day). I still get them by the car boot full and I continue using them even in the off season.