I often hear people say how easy others have it. “I’d love to have her life,” they say. “She just gets to keep fit, travel and do photo shoots.”
If people only knew the hard work, dedication and focus required to lead such an “easy life” they would probably die of shock. So many fitness professionals work a fulltime job and then pursue their fitness goals as soon as they walk out of the office door.
These people are the ones who get out there and make the most of every opportunity available. They don’t stop when it gets hard. They don’t give up or sit back contemplating what life could be. They get in there and give it a red hot crack!
Most people are good at taking the easy road; fearing that they’re not good enough or telling themselves that they can’t.
Sure, there have been countless times I have asked myself if I am good enough but at the end of the day I know that you need to get outside your comfort zone to reach your potential.
When you look at your abilities, do you see boundaries and limits or do you see possibilities and potential? Obsessing about perceived weaknesses can blind us to the untapped abilities we already have. You have an endless amount of talent. Every single
one of us does! However, most of us don’t take the time to discover it. The secret to success is to find that talent, develop it and push it as far as you can.
Who knows, Mozart might have been a lousy dancer, Einstein probably couldn’t sing to save himself and for all we know, Michelangelo may have been scared of public speaking. So what? They pursued what they were good at and found success.
Is there something you do that you always receive compliments for? What seems to come easily to you? What do people ask your advice for? Seek out your talent and pursue it. Keep your thoughts in the moment and don’t allow negative self talk to get in the way.
Facing your fears head-on is the single most liberating thing you can ever do! Go for it!


lindy olsen, fitness model