After competing so many times, I am starting to get a little nervous at this point.  My body hasn't been playing ball with me lately and my skins have stalled a little. :(  However, i'm not one to give up, so i am just doing everything that i can 100% and that's all i can ask.

Now that i'm not travelling from now until November (when we go to the USA) I'm hoping that my routine will help my body understand who is boss!!! lol...

That said, you do have to listen to your body as there is obviously something I can improve to help me get there with my sanity in tact.  I have organised to go for another bodytune session with Greg and so I know that will shed some "light" on the situation.  As i've said so many times... The EMOTIONAL DRIVES the PHYSICAL and this is such a true indication of where i'm at, sometimes it really scares me.

On the flip side, it gives me strength and I use this "fear" to step outside my comfort zone, go for it and do it anyway!  Too many times I hear people's stories about failure and it's really just a reflection of where they are at emotionally.

Once you can get to the real reason, you can start to make some real progress.

i'll keep you posted on my progress through my competition blog from here on in.

Until then,

Train Hard, Keep fit and LOVE Life.

Lindy xx