What does the Oxy girl stand for to you? Is she a strong, independent, supportive woman? Or does she take joy from other’s misfortune or discomfort? The reason I ask? We at the Oxygen offices are regularly contacted by readers with their stories (which we love!). Most of the time the stories are inspirational, heartwarming and uplifting. Sometimes, however there’s the story that breaks all of our hearts. We’re talking about the story of bullying. Yes, it seems that some people never do grow up and out of high school –that they still take pleasure in belittling others. Oxygen magazine won’t put up with it! I, and Oxy magazine, stand for honesty, support, love and integrity. And you, lovely readers, I know are with me on this journey. Wherever you go, and whatever you do, be sure to spread goodwill and support – you never know when your kind word will make somebody’s day (or even change their life for the better).

Our covergirl Justine Swatilla is the ideal Oxy girl. The gorgeous Justine was married in February to her gorgeous husband Matt. And we were blessed enough to attend her special day. Which just goes to show what Oxy is all about. We’re not just a magazine – we, the staff and readers combined, make this a community I’m proud to be part of.

And community is what it’s all about. Did you know that if you have a happy friend who lives within one kilometre of you, that you’ll be 50 per cent happier? We hope that through Oxygen and your dedication to fitness, you find yourself a whole neighbourhood of likeminded and supportive people.

Our real life stories are unmissable this month and again, are a great reflection of the Oxygen community. Without our friends and support not only would our achievements be that more difficult to reach, but they’d feel a lot emptier as well.

As most of you know, I had my gorgeous little girl one year ago. It’s been a huge year for my whole family (and the Oxy team!), as we’ve travelled along our journey with our newest (and smallest) Oxy member. Fitting in motherhood alongside my business has been a struggle – not necessarily a negative one: certainly a learning one! Which is why I’m so pleased that we’ve gathered loads of great advice from women –just like you – who not only act like Superwoman, but have bodies to rival hers too. For me, fitness is an essential part of my life, and by taking some time for me is not just imperative for my happiness, health and wellbeing, but that of my daughter’s as well. I know that by leading by example, she’ll grow up with a healthy and positive attitude towards her fitness, her food, and her self.

Until next time,

Train Hard, Keep Fit and LOVE Life