It's been a big week and it seems as though everything was due all in this one week!  We delivered a major website this week, provided all the production for a new commercial (we are shooting soon) got a new playtoy (for Dallas - who else!!) had an Oxygen Editorial Deadline and on top of all that, got my training, nutrition and cardio all in.  Whoever said life is dull, needs to come and live with us for a week, it's full on, but I wouldn't change my life and the things I am so fortunate to be able to do each and every day for anything.  I guess this week has been a reflective week of sorts, even though the late nights and early mornings have contributed to me being a tad tired, I've really taken some time out to remember what is REALLY important in life.  That is LIFE itself.  We are so lucky to be ALIVE, healthy and above all, have chocies to make about the things we do and don't do in the course of a week, a month or a year.

These same choices propel us in the direction we were always meant to go.  Sure sometimes we go off the track a little, and geez i've done that more than once with decisions over the years, but the essence of where I;m headed has never changed.  Nor has my passion for helping others and my determination to make a difference (even though it may be small incomparrison to the big wide world).

There are people who also share this same passion and many of them are the wonderful ladies who contribute in our community each and every day.  These are the REAL heros' as I see them giving so much love and support to those in need and to me there is nothing more selfless than helping another.  These same ladies remind me every day that they are not quitters, they don't give up and they give their goals whatever they've got.  They do their best and nothing short of that will do for them.  They inspire me to keep pushing, to keep following my passion and they are the reason our community is such an amazing place. 

So... to all you incredible Forum Miss Fits, this post is dedicated to your passion, your spirit and above all your ability to inspire others more than you'll ever know!

On the competition front, i dropped another 2mm despite everything going on this week, so I 'm RAPT to say the LEAST!!  So, next week, I'm hoping to SMASH it and get below the 70mm mark and into the 60's!! 

Until then, kick butt to everyone who has a goal!  Get IT ON!!!!

Lindy xx