Oh my, only 9 weeks to go and I need a few good drops to help me along a bit.  So, I need to make sure I get all my food in at the correct times, get all my water in, get my supps in, and make sure I get my sleep.  All things considered, I can still improve in all these areas, so i am hoping that if I get it right each day, then the results will show.

I was happy with my 2mm drop this week and I know improving on everything above will help make the next week a better one.  i am still heading in the right direction, so that's a big plus!

All I can do is my best and that's what I'm doing and I'm happy with that.  Over the last 9 years, there's been ups and downs, but I am so grateful for everything I have been able to experience, achieve and receive.  It's been a whirlwind ride, but like Ive said before, one that I am very privledged to have lived.

So, it's onwards for another week and if you're curious as to what i've been up to behind the scenes, check out my competition blog.

Until next time

Take care of each other, believe in yourself and Go for it with everything you've got!

Lindy xx