Well I am finally starting to feel like a figure chic once again!  lol... it's taken long enough.. i've increased my cardio this week to help move a little more of this stubborn bodyfat, so hopefully when the big fella gets home from Vegas this week, I'll have some decent drops in my mls!

i couldn't really measure them properly on Saturday, its better if one person does them as you can get different readings when different people do them.. Dallas had a crack and i had put on  5mm so I knew something wasn't right... as i've followed my plan to the letter and i feel leaner not softer!!

Bless him he did try though, gotta love our boys for their ongoing support!  For those of us who compete, it's not only a big committment, but it's also something that our immediate family and friends are all aware of.  Don't get me wrong there is absolutely NO NEED for you to become a bi-atch or anything of the like, remember, all of us have a choice and we can choose at any time to quit!  Although, i'm sure none of us would ever consider that as an option, well at least I dont!

So...where does that leave us...  here's my training and nutrition for this week...