Well it's officially 4 weeks to go and i am starting to get really excited!  My only goal is to be in better shape than I have ever been (not much of a goal really..lol) and if I can do that, I'll be one happy chicky. 

At this point after 8 years of competing, anything more than that is an absolute bonus!  I actually think I qualify for the masters category (over 35) this year, but I'm hell bent on doing the open and that's what I'm doing come rain hail or shine! 

This comp prep has been by far the hardest, my body is fighting me hard, but hey after this weeks results I think I'm starting to win on that front.  i've been speaking very nicely to my "body" to play ball and I've promised I'll be kinder to it in the off season! lol...

My biggest thing is that I LOVE my food, and I guess that's why I made it to 89kg in the first place before any of this started.  I was definitely a comfort food junkie and I didn't realise the extent of it, until I actually started competing.

These days I am still a comfort eater, but I'm much more aware of my behaviours and this has helped me SO much.  No longer do I grab something to "comfort" me, i'll go for something else, or indulge in a little bit of something I really want!

I really havent' changed, but i guess you could say that my thought process has!

So, where does that leave us... i lost 6 mls in the last 2 weeks and I am wrapped, here's hoping to another few good weeks of losses so that I can get on that stage and feel great!

My training and nutrition plan is here for those of you who are interested.  Plus I've posted up a progress shot for you all to see where I'm at.

Kick butt to all of you who are comp prepping, not long now!!!

Lindy xx