A Personal Trainer has many face's


My name is GREG and I am very excited about helping you to achieve ALL of your health goals.
I am here to help you to enjoy your journey as much as the destination. I promise to you that I will do everything I can to help you reach your goals as soon as possible.
I have included some snippets about myself so that you can know some things about me.

My Sporting background:

I was born in Sydney and grew up in a suburb called Drummoyne which was/is on the Parramatta River over looking the city skyline.
Water introduced me to swimming, boat racing, fishing and rowing followed by skate boarding, cycling, running and rugby union that led me into the gym arena where my real passion became ignited through weight training.
This passion started as a 16yr old having to do some strength training for rugby. It was at this time that I decided that this ‘sport’ gave me the desired results based on my individual performance.
A move to Noosa in 1995 led me to be given an opportunity in 1996 to work as a personal trainer in a local gym. Our team of personal trainers (five of us) worked out of a studio (the first of its kind) in the heart of Noosa.
I played/worked at the studio for 6-7yrs. They were fun packed years until I decided that I needed to have a break and do ‘some work on myself’ (or personal development).
This personal development came in the form of opening a small business in the small town of Eumundi. This presented many a development on all levels together with full-filled desire to work with my wife – a venture we both enjoyed.
Now I find myself back in the personal training arena with a renewed passion and purpose charged with the wealth of experience I have attained whilst away from the industry.

My Qualification

Executive Master Trainer; Certificates III & IV in Fitness; Business Diploma from the Australian Institute of Fitness; Accredited Padmaster Instructor; Punchfit Boxing/Kickboxing Instructor; Registered P.T. Fitness Australia.

Things I Love:

My life, exercising, and helping others to heal.

My favourite Music

Anything by Gerry Rafferty.

My favourite Movie

Pay It Forward.

My favourite Sport

Just about anything sport!

My favourite Food

Weber B.B.Q. chicken with roast vegetables and gravy followed by a nice serving of Tiramisu…………yummo!

My favourite Quote

‘It’s not hard to do the right thing, what’s hard is ‘knowing’ what the right thing is. When you know what the right thing is, it’s hard not to do it”.

Contact Greg:
Email: greg@lindyolsen.com