Lia Halsall - Blogger, Figure Competitor & Forum Moderator


Hi & Welcome I'm Lia Halsall!

I've competed in many competitions over the years at a state, national and even world level of which I never thought possible in the very beginning. Now I know that dreams do come true and all it took was self-discipline and consistancy. The secret is that there are no secrets.

For those that don't know me I’m extremely passionate about all things health and fitness and specialise in figure competitors. What better help is there than a figure competitor like myself who understands exactly what you’re going through on a daily basis. I love to help others to help themselves as there’s no greater reward in life than the gift of giving.

I'm currently studying my Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Training) and am already accredited Level 1 FitGenes. If you need a personal or phone consultation for your genetic profile email me to set up an appointment.

So if you have a question or you would like some help you can email or contact me via the forum