There is no substitute for a great TEAM!

You know the old saying...."There is NO "I" in Team!"  well it's totally true and if it wasn't for the amazing people who form part of my team, competing all over the world would be far more difficult than it is already!  Each one of my team lives and breathes health and fitness and their services are second to none. 

Feel free to ask for any help, I'm sure they'd look after you just like they do for ME!

Always remember to Train Hard, Keep Fit and LOVE Life!


Dallas Olsen
Sports Photographer
"Sports Focus"

Bruce Kaider

Jon Davie
Pro Bodybuilder/Coach
"Prepared to Win"



 The lovely Jo Rogers!    Lia Halsall - Figure Competitor and Forum Moderator
Jo Rogers
7 x Ms Australia
"Style on Stage"

Greg Dolman
Executive Master Trainer/Mentor
"Box on the Run"

Lia Halsall
Figure Competitor




Rae Cattach
Figure Competitor



Team Members

  • Dallas Olsen
    Sport Focus
  • Bruce Kaider
    Manager / Advisor
  • John Davie
    Pro Bodybuilder/Coach "Prepared to Win"