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Dec 8

Written by: Lindy Olsen
Monday, 8 December 2008 3:48 PM

Yes I know I'm a sooky lah lah, but hey when you've been with someone as long as I have with Dallas, it just feels weird when they're not there that's all.  Even though he annoys me some of the time, I am used to his interuptions and miss him not doing it.  I went over to my dear friends Cath and Greg's for dinner and just chilled out for a while.  Got some shit off my liver too about some family dramas (you know the ones) the ones that you think don't affect you until you realise that almost 15 years down the track your still carrying the same resentment about it as you did back then.  Big lesson for me and I need to put it all behind me, forgive and then move on.  Although I have tried to forgive, until now I have not actually been able to do it.  At least I am aware of what I have to do and can put my plan in action and just do it.  There is a lot of hurt inside and i know it fuels a lot of my emotional anger and frustration towards this person.  It's time to let it go, 15 yrs is way too long for me to dwell on old wounds.  It's time to free myself from the walls I keep putting up so that I don't get hurt in the process.

Time to throw out old shit and enjoy the place I'm at....  Gotta remember to Love life the way i always have, and even more so now.

Anyway, sorry if the above sounded like a heap of mumbo jumbo, had to get it out so thanks for letting me share.

Lindy xx


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Re: Missing Dallas!

Miss Lindy
I am doing the same thing myself atm, only mine stems from 20years ............. time to move on!!

By Doris Westwood on   Tuesday, 16 December 2008 8:11 AM

Re: Missing Dallas!

it's tough hey, i was hurt very badly when i was younger, i was in the middle of these two people and each of them in my ear about the other. I was a child at the time and it wasn't fair for me to have to deal with "adult" shit. Anyway, I think I always blamed one of them for it, but you know what, it takes two people to tango and therefore both of them are at fault. Now it's my turn to move on and finally be at peace. Good luck Dori, it's not an easy road, but you will have the strength to pull through. you are a tough chick and you are making such fantastic progress I am so pleased for you. Seems like accountability and $$ go hand in hand!! I couldn't be happier for you hun! xxx Keep up the GREAT work on that front!!!! Wahoooooooy!!

By Lindy Olsen on   Tuesday, 16 December 2008 3:35 PM

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