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Dec 21

Written by: Lindy Olsen
Monday, 21 December 2009 12:23 AM

We had an instrutor with us (Mark from the Billabong Pro Shop).  Awesome guy and actually helped me get up more than once.  (thanks for the push lol).  I realised why surfing is so addictive.  Once you get up it is really awesome to feel the wave push you along.  I caught my very first wave (after a few attempts) right to the beach and couldn't believe it.  The dismount was a little funny and i ended up on my butt jammed on the sand!  Some of the other guys were pretty good and got up straight away. 

Next was lunch at Leechy's cafe down by the harbour.  We all had chicken wraps and they were awesome.  Once the food had settled, we all went for a paddle on the ski's, it's a great shoulder workout, it was an awesome day for it.

After our paddle, we were full of sand, wind and salt so we went back to the hotel for a quick cleanup, ready for Tennis.

We had a full hour tennis lesson with Howard (Tennis Pro) and I learnt a heap.  Holding my racket the right way helped a lot and once Howard showed me a different grip, i was feeling heaps better about my swing!

It was really hot on the court, but worth every bit of the sweat we all worked up.  It really was an awesome day and we finished off with a BBQ at Max and Kerri's (Olympic Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist) place.

It was so nice to realise that the sporting celebrities we hung out with are just like you and me, they are so down to earth and genuinely nice people.

That about wraps up the Xmas Bash, I've got to go get my crap together to get back to brisbane so I can drive back home.

See ya!

Lindy xx


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