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Jul 29

Written by: Lindy Olsen
Tuesday, 29 July 2008 9:50 PM

Oh boy...I'm a tad sore today after last night's lighting bolt effort.  Dallas & I got to the gym at about 8.30pm (before dinner) and were there about 30mins only.  I am so sore... here's my workout...

Leg extensions:- 2 wup sets, 3 working sets at 55kg, 65kg and 70kg, i'm a big chick remember so I need to "work" during my working sets, form is strict and no momentum in sight!  This is ESSENTIAL!

45 degree Leg press - 1 wup set, 3 working sets at 3 plates each side, 4 plates each side x 2 -yes i am strong, but legs don't resemble the poundage!

Lying Hamstring Curls - 1 wup set, 3 working sets at 25kg each set.  I am a woos when it comes to hamstrings, am very careful not make sure I feel it in the hammy, as my glutes tend to "takeover" as they are a lot stronger.. must be my genetics!  Not complaining though

Food was great:-

Muesli for b'fast with skim milk and peaches (canned in natural juice)
Mid Morn: almonds and protein shake (Musashi SLM Fat metab)
Lunch: 4 rice cakes, tuna and tomato (yummo)
Mid Afternoon: Sweet potato, chicken and vegetables.
Dinner: Steak and vegetables.
Dessert: Jello with 1 scoop of protein powder!  MMMmmmmm






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Re: Training 29/07/08

Nice work Lindy.... great poundages...... Where are the squats ???? lol.... Leg day for me tonight, I luv it, hate the next three days however. Do you get that whole Central Nervous System feel like crap for the 3 days afterwards aswell ????? The soreness is good, the feeling like crap not so much. Any advice ??

By Tanz01 on   Thursday, 31 July 2008 11:13 AM

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