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Aug 3

Written by: Lindy Olsen
Sunday, 3 August 2008 12:54 PM

Under Armour, my FAB performance clothing sponsor flew to Melbourne for the Annual Queen of the Lake Fundraiser on the weekend and I arrived early, on Friday evening.

I settled into the hotel in St Kilda and then ventured into the city to catch up with a few clients for their consultations.  It was great to finally meet them face to face...we've been talking online for a while, so when I actually saw them and the progress they'd made, I was WRAPPED with their effort and most of all their consistency!  

After I got home I got a call from the one and only Craig Harper!  Now I've never met him before and although we've chatted a few times, we were yet to meet in person.  We got to talking and he does a million things in the industry and is on way too many radio stations to list, but he was interested in saying g'day and doing a small interview on radio for his listeners.

Don't think he realised i was in Melbourne but as luck would have it, I ended up in the studio and met all the team (who are fab!) and ended up hanging out with Craig for half the day.  All I can say, is if you've NEVER met him, YOU SHOULD!  This guy is infectious, the similarity between the two of us is pretty scary.  Although he is about 10 years in front of me as far as "doing his thang".  

I have to say that the opportunity to spend the time with Craig really gave me an insight into the "real" life of the famous "Mr Harper" and I really respected his "take no prisoners" straight up approach.  

So stay tuned for some exciting developments in the future and look out for Craigs RYL (Renovate your Life) workshop coming to Brisvegas very soon.  I'll let you all know once I have details.  You can also ask Miss Lia about it, she went to the Melbourne rendition just recently and highly recommends it!   xx


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